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School Library Journal, July 2009

"The anthropomorphized characters are well crafted, from the wise and weary fox to the lonely and picked-on three-legged cat who desperately wants to belong but is repeatedly betrayed by the other felines. The human characters are empathetic and interesting as well. McKenna, the young runaway, wants her independence but also is looking for a place to call home. The themes of loyalty, courage, and belonging are effectively woven throughout the exciting plot twists of this animal fantasy."

Kirkus Reviews, May 2009

"Debut author Beha does a creditable job creating the two societies, human and animal, and mediating Tango's travels between them; she freshens her story with precisely drawn characters—even Malachi the rat emerges fully fleshed. Tango is a winning protagonist, a noble soul in a diminutive body ... readers will enjoy this beguiling, delicately told tale, which has a heart as big as its hero's."

Joanne H. Kraus, "Ample reason to rejoice in children's books going to the dogs," The Oakland Tribune

There is a strong bond between dogs and humans and several reasons why, among them their loyalty to and love for their owners. Historically, they've been called "man's best friend."

Tango, The Tale of an Island Dog by Eileen Beha [is a] novel with several strands that is beautifully written and skillfully structured.

Tango, a Yorkshire terrier owned by a wealthy model, is swept overboard in a storm and miraculously washes up on Prince Edward Island, barely alive. But his silver ID collar has fallen off. Desperate to return home, Tango meets a foster child who has no home and a lonely widow who does have a home but no one with whom to share it. Then a loyal, elderly fox and a band of vicious feral cats join the mix. Filled with thoughtful observances and lyric descriptions of the island, the writing is a treat. The sympathetic story has soul and substance. You don't need to be a dog fan to love Tango.


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